Drexel ACE BSN Program, anyone?

  1. I've been accepted to Drexel University's ACE program for an Accelerated BSN, starting in Fall 2007. I absolutely cannot wait! I'm just jumping out of my skin! I don't think I've ever been so excited and impatient for classes to begin!

    Anyone else starting Drexel's ACE program in the Fall? Any current or recent Drexel ACE BSNers out there that can tell me what to expect (aside from hard work and no life for a year)? Any ideas for financing :uhoh21: (really good private lenders, special programs, etc.) would also be immensely helpful.

    I know there are other threads on this site re: this program, but it looks like they're all at least a year old. Just looking for more current info.

    Sorry for the long post.

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  3. by   Lawrence34
    Hi Cathy-

    I am also attending in the Fall. I am going to have to go the Private loan route. I will probably be doing my FAFSA this weekend, but I don't expect much in the way of federal aid. I have heard Sallie Mae is pretty decent but I am going to shop around for the best rate becuse it is a lot of money
  4. by   amywhit21
    Hi I'm attending Drexel in Fall 2007 too... does anyone know a good and relatively cheap place to live?
  5. by   Lawrence34

    There are numerous places to live. Cheap may be hard to come by...I think you should expect to pay anywhere from $800 - $1500 a month depending on where you live. You may be able to find a studio or similiar for less. I live in Roxborough and the rents are within that range. As it gets closer to coming I would check out Craigs List as there are always postings for apartments. If you would like to PM me with questions please feel free to do so.
  6. by   k8dubcoran
    Hey im graduating ACE in 2 weeks, if anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask!