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    I'm a semi-experienced NICU nurse thinking of moving to PA specifically to work at CHOP. I work now at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC. I've heard such good things about the CHOP ICUs and surgical programs, it seems like a great next step in nursing given my interests. I'd love to hear the inside scoop, if you will, from anyone who works in the NICU or PICU at CHOP. My ultimate goal would be to become a member of the ECMO team, though I hear one has to put in a good 5 years in one of the ICUs before they will even look at you. Is anyone on the team? Have any thoughts? I work in a hospital that, like CHOP, is seen as one of the top in the field, though of course we all have our flaws, and I have serious qualms about the way we do certain things. Anything about CHOP that if you knew then what you know now might have kept you away?
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  3. by   acerila
    I know someone who worked there. She said everyone was quitting left and right, and they just had the largest turnover rate because they did not treat their employees good. She said things were fine at first but after they got big they became way too money hungry.