Children's Hospital of Philadelphia?

  1. Hello all,
    I was looking at CHOP's website and they only offer $4,000 per year for tuition reimbursement??? With PENN like, two feet away and affiliated with it? (I went to PENN undergrad)..Where I go now offers 100% a semester....Can anyone shed any light on this, and also how is it working there? T.
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  3. by   nursing04
    Hi. I don't work at CHOP but do have my PEDS rotation there this quarter. I can tell you what I've heard which may just be rumors. (so, take it w/ a grain of salt). As you know they have a great reputation which they are very proud of and I've heard that it is "there way or no way". It appears very political and I've also heard the orientation is very difficult and some people don't even make that.
    It is on the other hand, a beautiful hospital and is very high-tech. Anything they want they pretty much great- which is awesome for the patient's.
    Pay-wise & tuition I don't know what they offer but apparently it's a "priviliege" to work there so it may not be that competitive.