Any new students starting @Lancaster General College Nursing Students?

  1. was wondering if there were any students starting this fall, 2012 in the day program just to get together, compare backgrounds before school starts!!!
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  3. by   girlswcurls
    I just mailed an application in last Tuesday applying for both the day time and the evening program. Got a call this morning and they said they were processing my application- waiting on one other college transcript which should be arriving today or tomorrow. Can you tell me how long it took for you to get your letter after you applied?

    I am a married mother of three. I am 32, and we just sold our family business presenting me with the opportunity to go to school. Are you a recent high school grad?
  4. by   rookie1
    hi girlswcurls!thanks for responding back to my inquiry, it's great hearing from another "mommy" (please no offense to some of my younger peers ;-) lol.) I'm an "older" student although I hate that word! I'll be turnin 40 in a couple months so I congratulate you for taking this step too! I actually applied over a year ago and honestly, was accepted fairly quickly thanks to my GPA and that i called them alot lol, i was at the point of applying to another program so i needed an answer. But I was only accepted into their part time program initially, but then deferred my acceptance due to the economy. But I think it was almost meant to be that I deferred b/c there is no way my shedule now would accomodate part time scheduling. I have 2 kids and with all their activities, it would have been a complete nightmare. After deferring, I applied to the day program and was accepted which works out much better for my family. I'm slotted to start this fall so am excited but am nervous at the same time. This is a second career for me, already have my BA but have always wanted a career in medicine. And the fact that we live in York, there's isn't much of an opportunity to do what I used to do before. what type of business were you in before anyway?
  5. by   girlswcurls
    Well, we owned Daddy O's Pizza in York for about 4 years. It was a fabulous all you can eat pizza buffet, but due to the declining market we decided to sell. We SOLD it last summer, and I am now looking to concentrate on me. I am so nervous, and excited. I haven't received my letter yet. I am kind of nervous because I had a 3.10 at my previous college, but there was a MISTAKE on my transcripts that says i failed a statistics course that I NEVER TOOK. l contacted the college, and they are doing an "investigation" but it could take several weeks for them to "fix" the mistake. Luckily I have all my paperwork to prove I never registered, nor took the class, but it still is on my transcripts that I had to submit. Lancaster General just called me Monday and said they were processing my application, but needed to know which of the programs I wanted... daytime or part time evenings.

    I am so nervous. How long did it take for you to get an answer from them? I also am hoping for the daytime program.... but would settle for the part time/nights if offered. I am a bit freaked out because of my age, and family commitments. Please feel free to email me at I am not very familiar with I just recently joined. I would love to talk/email you.
  6. by   eshleman
    I'm starting in the fall for the eve/weekend program! My husband and I rely too much on both of our incomes and there's no way I'd be able to go full time during the day. If that were the case Id also be doing the lpn to rn bridge program as I am already an lpn. Sadly that's full time during the day for 1.5 months over the summer.
  7. by   ldeanm
    Good luck to all of you! I'm about to finish my third semester of nursing at LGC.
  8. by   rookie1
    so how was it like? details details details please, would really appreciate any inputs, thoughts, guidance, thank you!!!