Allied Health Test ??

  1. Hi people !! Newbie here!

    I am applying to CCP for the FALL 07 semester Nursing program.
    I am scheduled to take the AHT on November 2 and I already very nervous. I also have my Nursing Aide Red cross exam on the 14th of Nov!
    I do not know why but I am relly nervous about both. But I am! I also taking pre-reqs this semester with tests and assignments battling for time.

    Please, can anyone calm my anxiousness? What sort of questions do these tests contain? Is it just English and Math-algebra,trigonometry included? I was told by the DEPT the test is timed so I have to be time contious(sp).
    Thanks for any info and advice on the AHT test.
    PS - Are there any books i can use to study for them.
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  3. by   Sarah LnDHopes
    Hi :spin:

    I took the test last february, here are my thoughts on it.

    The test looks just like the sample that they gave. The math section is mostly word problem type questions, but they aren't difficult word problems, it was pretty straight forward to translate from the words to an actual math problem. There were fractions, add/subtraction, percentiles. No algebra.

    The hardest part of the test is the time! It is seriously a short amount of time. I didn't even get to finish the math section, but I still did well (26.5), so the key is to just work quickly and steadily, and don't linger over something that is stumping you. Skip those and answer as many as you can do quickly and without too much thought.

    Hope that helps, and hope to see you in NURS101 next fall! I think I've got a really good shot at acceptance
  4. by   springgarden
    Thanks for the info!
    It helps.
  5. by   raquelphiladelphia
    even though it has been a while since youve taken the test. How was it and how did you like to program.

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