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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has received their acceptance letters for the fall 2012 program yet and if so how many points did you have?... Read More

  1. by   bcolli11
    I love all my professors !!!! Love love love this program already
  2. by   cupidsqueen420
    Quote from rockbeatsscissors
    I hope everyone had a good first day. I realize I don't know if any of you are in my lecture or seminar section or not. Anyway! Speaking of seminar, is it just me or is the information we need for that not on the webstudy site? It was last night, but when I got home today all the seminar related stuff disappeared.
    I think they will be reposting it today or tomorrow
  3. by   NightBloomCereus
    Anyone else notice that the instructions for our 3-5 page paper is 5 pages long?
  4. by   NNPwannabe
    How is everyone enjoying the semester so far? The teachers all seem nice. I just saw the clinical assignments. I will be at Albert Einstein. Im excitied and nervous at the same time. lol.
  5. by   rockbeatsscissors
    So far so good. I like my teachers so far and the material, but getting used to the reading load is taking some getting used to. All my organization is starting to pay off, though.

    I take back my asking how you saw! I just checked the list. I'm also at Einstein with Elaine Kemp as my clinical instructor.
  6. by   NNPwannabe
    I have Elaine Kemp as well. I have no idea who she is, but I hope shes nice lol. I also heard that we do not learn how to do IVs or draw blood during the program. I think they used to teach it, but they dont anymore? It stinks because I was looking forward to learning that lol.
  7. by   NightBloomCereus
    Quote from NNPwannabe
    I also heard that we do not learn how to do IVs or draw blood during the program. I think they used to teach it, but they dont anymore? It stinks because I was looking forward to learning that lol.
    Wait, that can't be right. Where did you hear this? I thought those were basic nursing skills. Who is going to hire a nurse who can't even start an IV? I'll be disappointed if they don't teach us everything we need to know to be good nurses.
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  8. by   rockbeatsscissors
    We must learn IV stuff at some point. It looks like weeks 8 and 9 are when we cover that in lab. We might not do all of it in the first semester, but I don't see how we would get away with never doing it.
  9. by   NNPwannabe
    My ACE instructor told us that we dont learn to start IVs. We talk about it, but she said we dont actually practice it, on each other or on the dummies. I hope shes wrong. lol.
  10. by   NightBloomCereus
    Just did some research and found out it's against PA state regulations for students to start IV's in the clinical setting. I guess it's an on the job training thing. If no other PA students are learning it, it's probably not a critical skill for a new nurse.

    We could always take a summer phlebotomy class if we want to learn how to draw blood.

    Oh, well...
  11. by   cupidsqueen420
    Yeah my ACE instructor told us the same thing. Its on the job training. I was curious as well. She said there are nurses in most hospitals who's job it is to draw blood and nothing else. I agree though, why would anyone hire you if you don't know how to do that simple kind of stuff but like you said maybe you can just go take a course. I'm liking it so far.The readings are crazy and I feel like I have no time to eat let alone shower and sleep..lol I'm still trying to get a system going to keep my sanity level in check.
  12. by   chelseaf
    Hi. I was wondering if anyone could help me id really appreciate it! im currently a ccp student and i am taking all of the prereqs for the nursing program. i am appling this upcoming ocotber. last year i went to west chester university and i transfered my credits to CCP. i did get 1 F (i couldnt driop the class becasue i would have been under credits and would lose my housing there) and then one D but i retook the class and got a better grade.I know you can apply to the nursing as a CCP student and they will only look at your CCP gpa that you receive. but then i also know they look at how many fs and withdrawls you have and mayde Ds i am not sure. Since they are only looking at my CCP gpa does that mean they will not look at my f from another school or they will? HELPPPpp please lol ima confused girl lmao
  13. by   cupidsqueen420
    As far as being a transfer student I'm pretty sure it goes by your overall GPA not just your gpa in your current CCP courses. Whatever courses transferred over would be considered part of your GPA. All W's, D's, or F's will be considered for the points system however if you retook the class and got a better grade the better grade is what is considered. The way the nursing program acceptance works is through a points system. The maximum points you can get is 9. you can get a maximum of 4 points for your gpa. a 3.5-4.0 is 4 points, 3.0-3.49 is 3 points, 2.75-2.99 is two points. Nothing under a 2.75 will be considered. Then there is the Allied Health Test which is worth 3 points. You have to score a minimum of a 15. to get three points your score has to be a 21 or higher, 18-20 gets you two points, and 15-17 gets you one point. Then they take into consideration your W's, D's, or F's. If you have none in the last 2 years they give you two points, if you have one you get one point, and 2 or more get you no points. Normally it works out that they take all 9's and 8's. Depending on how many score in that range they will consider 7's, and so on. This past year the scores were lower than normal and I believe they took some 6's as well. You have to make sure to have bio 106 and chem 110 done prior to applying or take sts101 which is a combo course that counts for both. Without those classes they won't even let you apply into the program.