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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has received their acceptance letters for the fall 2012 program yet and if so how many points did you have?... Read More

  1. by   cupidsqueen420
    OK cause someone was saying it would say pending fall 2012 Nursing which makes sense since you haven't committed to going and/or sent in your deposit. I'm so excited for you. It gives me hope that you found out so quickly and you had an 8. That tells me not alot of people scored a 9 if the last allied health test hasn't been done yet and they are already changing cirriculums for students who scored an 8. That gives me a little more hope that I will get in. Let me know when you get your letter.

    When did you take your Allied Health Test?
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  2. by   annam83
    No actually mine doesn't say pending anywhere....not on the enrollment profile page anyway LOL. Even though it doesn't say pending and seems set in stone, I'm kinda scared it's some weird technicality and they're just reviewing my application since I haven't actually received a letter. I sent in my application really early like around the 2nd week of October. I took my AHT on November 2nd at 9 a.m. When did you send in your application and when did you take your AHT?
  3. by   cupidsqueen420
    I sent my application in at the end of November. My allied health test was Jan.17th so if they are going by when you tested then I probably won't find out for a few weeks since you probably took one of the first AHT's. The woman who ran our meeting to get the application said it is absolutely better to get it done right away because they do send out acceptances before the last AHT is taken. If they have 130 applicants that scored high enough to qualify prior to the last allied health test those individuals waiting till the last minute have less of a chance of making it. That's how she made it seem at least.. I could totally be wrong. I am so so excited that you found out already even though now i'm going to be obsessed with checking the website everyday. Like you said though even though it's changed, your waiting on that letter to confirm. CCP's website is so screwed up ya never know whether it was changed accidently or not.lol
  4. by   annam83

    I got my acceptance letter today! All I have to do is submit my $50 deposit and I'm all set. The lady who ran the meeting I attended basically said the same thing about earlier app submission being better. I thought she said something like they go by score and then date and that they make a pile of all the 9's and put them in chronological order and offer acceptance based on the app date, then once they're done with the 9's they do the same with the 8's, then the 7s. I forget if she said they send out letters before or after the last AHT, but I guess I'm proof they do regardless lol. Well keep us posted, I'm sure a bunch of other people are following this post even if they never commented.
  5. by   cupidsqueen420
    YAY!!!! So I guess if my curriculum gets changed I'll know to expect my letter a few days later. So happy for you. Congrats again!! I will be sure to keep you posted.. I will be checking everyday. hehe
  6. by   annam83
    Thanks so much!! Yep, if you see that curriculum change then you know your in! When I was waiting I'd check my curriculum everyday, at least twice a day...you never know when someone is going to go in and change it LOL. O.K well I'm anxious for you and if you get in too it will be nice that we kinda know someone already.
  7. by   cupidsqueen420
    Yeah it would definitely be nice. I will keep you posted. I'm crossing my fingers.
  8. by   NightBloomCereus
    Congrats annam! Must be such a weight off. Thanks for the info and encouragement, cupidsqueen. I applied in mid-October and took the test in mid-December, so I might hear soon. Annam, did the letter say when orientation is? I'm trying to plan a trip to visit family in May, and the only thing holding me back from buying a plane ticket is not knowing the orientation date! Best of luck to everyone!
  9. by   annam83
    Thank you and good luck to you too! I had to pay a $50 deposit, which I mailed Saturday. They will probably send me the orientation info once they receive my deposit so they know I definitely accept. I will keep you posted.
  10. by   skporter30

    I took the allied heath test mid December 2011, and received my acceptance letter last Saturday. I had 8 points.

    The admin office also said that if the school does go on strike you may not receive a letter till after the strike.
  11. by   skporter30
    Hi,<br><br>I took the allied heath test mid December 2011, and received my acceptance letter last Saturday. I had 8 points.<br><br>The admin office also said that if the school does go on strike you may not receive a letter till after the strike.
  12. by   NightBloomCereus
    That's great, skporter, congrats! Just curious, when did you send in your app? I sent mine in 10/17 and took the test 12/5. Since I took the test before you I'm a teeny but concerned something was wrong with my app but I guess I should just relax. I heard about the strike possibility and I hope they come to a fair agreement on everything.
  13. by   NightBloomCereus
    Never mind...my major was switched to nursing today! Praise God!! I'm so excited and have already called all my family. To those still waiting, stay strong and hopeful! I'm praying for you.