? about CCp fall 07 admission

  1. I was wondering if any one knows when admission letters will be sent out. Am I correct that it will sometime in May?
    I was talking with a student who said she heard that admission letters are being sent ou already. I do not think that is correct as applications are being accepted up until Jan 15, 07.
    I have to get my High shool translated and evaluated for my application to be complete which is the source of my anxiety.
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  3. by   Sarah LnDHopes
    At the session I attended, I think they said letters go out in Feb or March. I've also heard that if you have a certain # of points (9 or 8) then you will get your letter sooner, but if you are borderline, they will wait until all applications have been evaluated, in which case it could be later in April.

    Like myself, I think I will be getting 9 or 8 points, but I have to wait until Fall 06 grades are in, so I wouldnt expect a letter this soon, since I know my application is not complete.

    Last year I didnt get my rejection letter until April.
  4. by   Sarah LnDHopes
    I know its still early, but has anyone gotten a letter from CCP for Fall 07 yet? I'm starting to get anxious, and April is so far away!
  5. by   springgarden
    I am going to talk to the dept chair.
    I am also very on edge because my transcript has to be translated and evaluated. It's been a pain in the backside getting it done.
    I did talk to one of the nursing students and she tried to ally my worries by telling me that she got her acceptance letter a few weeks before the session started. She also said they told her she had very good grades and scores, and that she thinks becos of that they did not bother with a high school transcript.
    I think I am pretty good stead to get in but I do not know how a delay in my getting my transcript in late affect my chances.

    Hopefully, I'll get some answers!!!

    PS - She also said that they may likely have started mailing acceptance letters.
  6. by   springgarden
    Just back from speaking with the chair.
    Basically, I was told it is still very early. The applications are just being reviewed at this time.
    I was told that if I Haven't been able to get me HS transcript in by 1st week in March/week after spring break, I should come back to the office.
    I was told it is then I should start getting concerned. I was told then I would be taken to admissions to get a request for my application to be sent to the dept for review.

    So, I'll say calm your nerves till mid March upwards.
  7. by   Sarah LnDHopes
    Ok, well thanks for that info. I know its early, but I am still anxious, lol.

    I hope everything gets straightened out with your HS transcript...
  8. by   springgarden
    Just curious, Are there just 2 of us at CCP in this forum?

    Well, me just just might be!
  9. by   Sarah LnDHopes
    I don't know if this means anything for sure, but I looked at my transcript today (on MyCCP), and the major it lists has changed from CST to nursing

    I'm watching the mailbox like a hawk
  10. by   springgarden
    Just checked mine and it hasn't changed so I guess it's a deliberate thing.

    Also, if you are on 9 points you shouldn't be too anxious. The vibe I am getting is that a 9 pointer is as good as in.

    I should get my transcript in by next week and I'll just wait.

    Good luck! and please let me know when you get ur letter.
  11. by   David's Harp
    Quote from springgarden
    Just curious, Are there just 2 of us at CCP in this forum?

    Well, me just just might be!
    Nope, I'm a CCP-er in my last semester,though I only tend to check in here every few days or so. You'll know why when you're in the program (yeah, there's some work....:uhoh21: )

    It's a great program, and if you keep at it, ask lots of questions, and can minimize extrascholastic distractions, you'll do very well!
  12. by   Sarah LnDHopes
    springgarden - I'm not sure about the 9 pts, only because it isn't clear if I'm getting evaluated as a current CCP student. I have the 4.0 at CCP and good AHT score, and no F's or W's, but the point-system papers they gave us said something about needing 12credits and science course. I have lots of science courses from my BA degree, but none that I've taken at CCP.

    So if they don't place me in the current CCP student group I would get placed in the Bachelor degree group, and I already know I will get rejected, because that is what happened last year! I had a few withdrawals in my degree which lost me some points.

    Its so frustrating because the counselor wouldn't clarify or tell me anything definitive about whether I needed a CCP science class to be part of Group A.

    David's Harp - Congrats on your upcoming graduation!
  13. by   springgarden
    My understanding of the process is that it is up to the applicant to choose what category he/she wants to fall under.
    If you had taken courses at CCP afresh and pick the current students options, I see no reason why they should put you in another category only if you intent to use your 1st degree GPA or transfer courses.
    That is my understanding from the session I went to.
    Did you decide to take all the pre-reqs like a fresh student? and using only CCP grades? If you are which is what I would have done considering last years experience, You should be fine.
    That is the same vibe I am getting from everyone I talk to from my advisor to the program co-ordinator. I also have a 4 point GPA with only Micro and ENGL 102 left to take.
  14. by   Sarah LnDHopes
    Well you were right, no need to worry...because I did get an acceptance letter today :spin:

    I feel silly now for stressing about it...I didn't make a plan B, so this was my only option.

    Well, spring garden, now we will have to wait and see about your letter, but I have a good feeling that we'll both be in and will see each other in class this fall Be prepared to submit a $50 tuition deposit within 3 weeks of acceptance.

    Oh, and I've only got A&PII and Statistics left to take, I'm going to try to do those this summer.
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