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I was wondering if any one knows when admission letters will be sent out. Am I correct that it will sometime in May? I was talking with a student who said she heard that admission letters are being... Read More

  1. by   springgarden
    CONGRATS Sarah!!!!!

    I'll have to admit the anxiousness is now reversed most especially since I have worked soooooo hard for this.
    It's been driving me NUTSSS that late arrival of my transcript could ruin me for at least a year. I am sure everyone thinks I am mentallly sick from my irritability to nastiness. I just feel helpness as this is beyond my immediate power. It is just fustrating most especially as I sunk all my eggs in this 1 basket as I thought I am practically guranteed entrance with a 9 point.
    I guess it is all left in God's hands.

    Sorry for the wailing tirade.
  2. by   raquelphiladelphia
    when did you take the allied health test and when did you receive the acceptance letter?