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My NICU has a nurse-led EOL group that is exploring peer support on the unit. Do any of your units have a peer support program or a specific person who offers peer support? If so, is it helpful/well used? How is it organized? Just trying to get ideas about ways to effectively enhance nurse support. Thank you!

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The organization of peer support on the 4 ICU units I have worked on are lacking. It appears that usually a few seniors take it amongst themselves to assist with questions, besides your main preceptor (when you're on orientation).

I think this is a great question and further organization of peer support would help to prevent burn-out and support new nurses. I feel like it would make sense to have one resource person a shift (and in a perfect world they would be paid extra).

Writing this, it is making me think of the role of the charge nurse. A lot of times, in facilities where I have worked, the charge nurse is too tied up to assist new nurses and be their complete resource. It would be useful to have another individual on the unit besides the charge nurse as a resource.


Great question 🙂 

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