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I have a peer interview scheduled for Friday on a cardiac unit. I have never been part of a peer interview.

Has anyone been through one? What questions are asked? What is the purpose?



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We try to do peer interviews at the hospital that I am employed at...I usually sit in on them...I like that format because it gives you a chance to meet others in the unit and it gives those that work in the unit a chance to meet you. I usually ask some basic get to know you questions/school/work experience question first just to get the ball rolling...I also usually ask if the person has ever had any experience in the unit (or whatever floor it applies to), I ask how they liked it, has anything ever "done wrong" while they were working/observing what was done, what did they do. I ask how the person feels about technology (I work in critical care so we use it alot) and whether they feel intimidated by it...We usually throw one scenario question in there...I ask how people feel about using standing protocols to work and if they are comfortable using nursing judgement and making decisions on that judgement...I just kind of go where things lead me...OUr manager sits in too and so she has her say as well.

Having a peer group in the interview also gives you a chance to ask questions about that unit...

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