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Peds vs L&D speciality



I am going into my 4th semester of nursing school getting my MSN and BSN, and I have to choose my specialty for next semester and am greatly debating which I would like best between Peds & labor and delivery. 

To give a bit of background: I have always thought I wanted to be a pediatric nurse and love spending as much time playing and being with kids as possibel. But, last semester, I was lucky enough to see a live birth, which was one of the most amazing experiences. I loved the whole process of how the nurse was there for the family the whole time, and how much she was able to help and build a relationship with the family through the whole procedure. And then this semester I am in my pediatric clinical but am only getting 5 rotations (due to COVID) so I am struggling to figure out which specialty I would like/ would be best fit for my capstone (ie. PICU vs Cardio vs other transitional care units). 

So I am wondering if anyone has any advice about which might be the better option for a capstone placement (skills wise and interest wise). Also, my program allows for us to be specific for peds placements (CTUC, PICU, NICU, Oncology, etc), so if anyone has knowledge on what a day to day in those units might look like that would be very helpful. 

Thanks in advance!