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Hi, does anyone work in peds oncology? I saw an ad for it and it seems like a unique place to work. Is it a sad environment? What is your nurse/pt ratio? I come from a compeltely different background so I am just wondering.

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Our hospital has an outpatient pediatric cancer and blood disorder center where children come for outpatient treatments. Our inpatient oncology patients are cared for on either the general pediatric floor or (if they are very sick) in the PICU.

There are absolutely sad, sometimes heart-breaking moments. But this is true of all areas of nursing. You do need to have the right type of personality to be an effective peds oncology nurse. You need to be able to be empathetic and caring enough to make the patients and family feel comfortable and provide emotional support, but also remain detached enough that you don't become burnt out and depressed when the patients pass away. There will be success stories and tragedies and you'll often find yourself asking "why?". But you'll also meet some of the most amazing, resilient, brave children you can imagine.

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