Peds Neuro Experience

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Hey everybody, I have an experience related question. I have a few months of experience in pediatrics, but I currently work in adult neuro. I'm finishing up my BSN and one day my dream job would be to work in pediatric neurology in an epilepsy monitoring unit or in research/clinical trials. Neuro is my passion, but I feel a huge calling to work with kids/families of kids suffering from neurological conditions. I plan to go for my NP as well, preferably in primary care, so working in a primary care peds neuro setting as an NP is something that I'm interested in as well. 

Experience-wise, would it be better to try to get more pediatric experience or is the adult neuro experience I'm gaining sufficient with the little amount of peds experience I already have to try to land a peds neuro position down the road? Is it easier to go from adult neuro to peds neuro or any peds specialty to peds neuro?