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As a new grad is it better to start out on an adult med/surg or a peds hospital if you know you want to work with peds someday. I have been told a lot of different things. Mainly to start out on an adult med/surg floor so you get a broad range of things. On the other hand i've heard not to waste your time on adults if you want to work with peds. I'm confused..what is the best advice?


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I say go for for peds if you know that is what you want to do. I graduated last May and always knew I wanted to do peds as well. I accepted a job at a childrens hospital and work on a medical floor. I still am able to gain general skills and work with children. I think that when working a job with a high burn out ratio, their is no reason to start in an area you are not passionate about.


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I agree! If peds is where you see yourself, go for it! I knew I wanted to do peds, but started in adults (have worked on a gen med floor for about a year). I have spent most of the year looking forward to starting in peds! and I cannot wait to do so. Although I don't regret starting with adults, and have learned a lot, part of me wishes I had started in peds as a new grad. I will be starting on a peds floor in a couple of weeks, and am soo excited, but also nervous and know it will be somewhat like starting over. Good luck!


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I saw that Cook Children's offered you a job last year in an earlier posting. It is my dream to work there; would you mind telling me what your gpa was? I am currently still in nursing school. Thanks

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