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Pediatric office interview- TODAY!!


Hello all,

I'm a new grad and I have an interview with a Pediatric doctor's office today! I'm a bit nervous, but more excited than anything! I really want to make a good impression. This pediatric office is actually the same place I went to as a child. I always had such great experiences there. Everyone was always so friendly and knowledgeable.These healthcare advocates were actually the ones who influenced me most into wanting to become a pediatric nurse! So I feel as though I've come full circle! I would love to be one of those nurses that have such a strong impact on a child's life and their growth and development. It has been my dream to become a pediatric nurse, so I'm definitely going to give this one my all!! :up:

Any advice, words of wisdom and/or good vibes would be greatly appreciated, especially from any peds nurses out there!! :D

Thanks for reading!! Wish me luck!! :heartbeat

Wow, it sounds like you have an advantage to work there ( since you know them). This is so funny, I also had an interview at peds office as a new grad. Did they tell you home much a rn at the office makes? Im debating clinc,ltc or hospital....hmmm.