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  1. I just started peds recently and I LOVE working with kids. However, I realized I love working with babies much more than teenagers. I'm still very far from being a great peds nurse, still have a great deal of learning to do. But I'm thinking when I do become a better nurse with more experience, tom posiibly switch to NICU or well baby nursery. The problem with NICU is they're so great and knowledgable, and I'm far from it. I'm not brave at all, don't have the "nurse instinct" and don't know what to do in an emergency, as well as many procedures- NO CLUE! How do I become a better nurse? My hosp. has both a NICU and well baby integrated w/ postpartum, which is OK. Don't know what to do, but I do know I need to be better at peds before I move on (especially, if I find enough courage to go to NICU). Any suggestions?
    Alie N.
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    Well, if your hospital has a large NICU they hopefully have a program for nurses new to NICU? Also they should start you out in the low accuity room or give you feeders and growers, etc. Try to get more comfortable with infants on your floor- offer yo help other nurses with IV starts when you aren't assigned to the babies. Speak up and request to be assigned to any NICU transfers or other small babies with tube feeds, PICCs, or isolette use. Get comfy with the bili babies. The RSV babies can be great help getting confident with resp distress, suctioning, O2, positioning, desats, and even bagging. Just a few ideas...