VERY interested in pediatric oncology.. need some info!

  1. Hi, I'm a junior nursing student and have always known I want to go into pediatrics and and in particular, pediatric oncology. Does anyone know more about getting into that field? Another student told me that you have to get a masters in pediatrics and then specialize in oncology - is this true? I really am very interested in finding out as much information about this! Please help if you can!!
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  3. by   luvBonjovi
    Where do you live? In Canada you do not need a masters. I began working on a peds oncology floor as a casual and quickly got hired full-time. All my training was done on the floor itself, precepted with another nurse. I believe that is the same across Canada. I am not sure about anywhere else though. Good luck, it is an amazing and fullfilling field to have chosen.
  4. by   ProfRN4
    Quote from jazper24
    another student told me that you have to get a masters in pediatrics and then specialize in oncology - is this true?
    what exactly is a master's in pediatrics???? if you are looking to be a 'floor' nurse in peds heme/onc, you need nothing more than a license. of course, each institution will decide whether or not they require 'other' experience. i work in peds heme/onc, and have worked with many new grads. some work out, some don't (like any nursing job).

    you can get a peds nurse practitioner (a masters degree), or a clinical nurse specialist (in peds, or onc, also a masters). this will allow you to pursue other areas, such as primary care (working alongside doctors, or educating staff nurses, etc.) but technically you need nothing more than a license to work in that specialty. they will train you in chemo, and everything else you need to know.
  5. by   bellinaocchi
    I graduated nursing school in December of 2004 and just got my license last week. I have been offered a full time job on a pedi hem/onc floor. My only qualification was that I did my internship on that floor the month before I graduated. It is very hard to find Pediatric Hem/Onc nurses so many hospitals have programs to create their own by bringing in new nurses and training them. If it is what you want then pursue it, it is totally worth it!!! Good Luck!!!