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  1. Hi. New user interested in sharing info. Our hospital recently created a "short stay unit" designed to admit children with acute medical conditions that have a predicted stay of only 36 hours or less. It avoids the lenghthy admission process to our regular teaching medical wards and allows for more indepth teaching for the families by the nurses as there is a low child/nurse ratio and only one pediatrician assigned to the unit. If anyone has any experience with a similar type of unit I would really like to hear from you! Maybe we can share ideas and improve upon the concept.
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    our hospital also just opened a pead medical short stay unit for sick children between 24-48 hours since july 05. we have a team of wonderful paediatrians as well as register who are focus on medical and nursing education, also a group of experienced nurses. I really enjoy working here as we also have low pts/nurse ratio. Although at times we have to be pulled to adult ward or ecc due to low pt numbers. Children with severe acute medical problems or long term (social or health) problems which requires greater than 24-48hrs will be transfer to another hospital about 30 miniutes away. By the way we recently has a nurse for 3 months from canada as part of our opening team. do you have problems with pulling too?