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  1. Dear Colleagues,
    I am conducting a standardization and
    validation study on a newly developed
    developmental/behavioral screening tool for children
    between 0 and 2 years of age. I am looking for sites in
    North America--Canada and the US. I'd like to work with
    health care providers including office staff who are responsible
    for developmental screening and surveillance.
    Participation involves administering the new
    measure to 12 - 25 patients. Each administration takes about
    25 minutes. The study pays $20 per completed protocol. The
    test involves 15 minutes of direct test administration
    during which time parents are asked to complete a
    parent-report version of the tool. The remaining 10 minutes
    are devoted to parent interview and clinical judgment
    items. Sites devoted to assessment of children with
    suspected disabilities may also wish to participate in the
    validation portion of the study which pays an additional 5$
    per subject and involves attaching existing developmental
    test scores.
    If you are interested in participating, or think
    you might be, please let me know and send your mailing
    address, fax numbers, contact person, etc. We will send you
    a box of protocols and test stimuli and a manual that more
    fully describes the study. If you have additional
    questions, please e-mail


    Frances Page Glascoe
    Associate Professor of Pediatrics
    Editor, Ambulatory Child Health
    Vanderbilt University
    Dept of Pediatrics - CDC
    426 Medical Center South
    Nashville, TN 37232-3573
    phone: 615-936-0249
    fax: 615-936-0256
    Email: frances.p.glascoe@Vanderbilt.Edu
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