Peds Nursing Education - RN to BSN to MSN? Or RN to MSN

  1. Hello!

    I'm in my last year of nursing school in an ASN Program and trying to think ahead to my next steps. Assuming I graduate & pass boards... lol.... I'm wondering if you all would recommend going RN to BSN then MSN.. or just RN-MSN.

    I think that I want to eventually become a pediatric nurse practitioner (love the idea of learning more and also having autonomy). The MSN program I'm looking at has a 2 year requirement of experience before you can even be admitted to the MSN program (if I were to do the RN-MSN track) so I'm thinking I should just do the RN-BSN before that and then figure out if peds is REALLY what I want to do. I'm sure it will be very different than school! I LOVE children though and really feel drawn to that specialty but am still open and figuring out where I should apply next spring...

    I hear a lot about how it's good to start out working on Med Surg floors as a new grad. So I'm thinking about applying to Riley on the peds med surg unit ... getting my BSN (I already have a bachelor's degree in a liberal arts major so I have the general ed requirements) ... and going from there....

    Also - how would you describe peds nurses? I know it's not good to *stereotype* specialties, but I'm curious what qualities and characteristics are important for pediatric nurses - - & what seasoned nurses see and recognize in real world peds nurses.... Thank you in advance!
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