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  1. Our department is in the process of re-designing our flow sheet and nursing care plans (in favor of care pathways). I would be interested in any information or ideas that anyone can provide.
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  3. by   sandygator
    I work on a 70-some bed ped unit at a large University hospital. We started using clinical pathways with a few of the more comon diagnoses, and I have found these to be very helpful...streamlinig outcomes based
    documentation. Wish we had more of them.
    As far as redesigning flowsheets.....we started using a new design just this week and all are finding it horrific! Unfortunately, none of the staff (meaning floor) nurses were asked to sit on the committee doing the designing...our input could have saved alot of time, effort, and money....because these flowsheets will be a certain failure. Too much detail, and missing some basic necessities!
    Good luck....this documentation is getting to be a nightmare just to satisfy JCAHO!