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  1. Hello! My name is Melanie and I'm a new pediatric FT faculty at a university in Rhiode Island. Our pedi dept needs updating. I was wondering if anyone knew of a company or two that supplies pediatric teaching materials on pain, growth and development, med admin...etc. We were going to order the Whaley and Wong video series but they have been discontinued.

    Anyone else teaching pedi out there? I'll spend some time "reading the forums" and getting to know everyone a little better.

    Thanks so much!!!
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  3. by   crazyearrings
    Whaley & Wong videos are discontinued?!? I remember when they were taping them here at my hospital. Granted, my daughter was about 3 at the time and now she is 11, but it feels like it was yesterday. That was the series I was going to recommend. I don't know why they don't update them like they do the textbooks.