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  1. Help! My community hospital plans to expand its scope of practice to include stable pediatrics, and I've been asked to write the Standards of Care. I'm an old ICU nurse and have only worked with kidlets sporadically, so I'm coming to the pros. What standards do you follow with STABLE kids as far as IV fluids, vital signs, pulse oximetry, I&O, visitation, etc. I'll take any hints you can give me. If anyone already has written standards that they're willing to share, PLEASE PM ME and I'll give you my contact info. (I've been "outed" on the board before and I'm paranoid...). Thanks! Nursemouse:kiss
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  3. by   PediRN
    We use Lippincott's Manual of Nursing Practice for most nursing policies and procedures. As far as visiting hours, most children's hospitals are 24 hours a day for family. The only restrictions are that you don't want to allow sick family members to visit (although I suppose that's true on adult units as well). Sibs can visit as long as they are healthy and properly immunized, and they must be supervised at all times.
    Hope that helps.
  4. by   nursemouse
    That helps, thanks! I'll look for the Lippincott book (No budget, so I'm on my own...maybe a half-price store...). :kiss
  5. by   IRISHBREAD
    you may want to contact the society of pediatric nursing. they have the resources that you are looking for. the national secretary is barb larson and i know her e-mail address but i don't want to post it here. she has just helped to author a new book on peds care. let me know if you want her e-mail address and i'll send it to you. spn is a great resource for peds!