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I work in a community hospital with a pediatric dept. next to their OB dept. We take all kids any post-partum overflow ( which is very rare) and any and all adults when we have open beds. How are... Read More

  1. by   kavida

    our ward accepts children until they are 14 years old. sometimes we make an exception, for example with children who are retarded as mentally as motoric or both.
    but we never take adult patients on our ward! only if the parent agrees to room in, we take care of them. but they don't need mediacal treatment in most of the cases.
    sometimes when we don't have a lot of children to nurse, we must help on another ward. this can be for an orthopedic ward e.g. , where we can help in basic nursing.
    i think children need an adjusted environment, where they can meet other sick children and where they can play. adult patients don't belong on a pediatric ward.

    don't you agree?