Newer LVN.....Peds office interivew....any advice???

  1. Hello all! I graduated in March from a LVN program, obtained my license in July 2008, and have been working for the last three months with a health agency as a private duty nurse for a diabetic pediatric client in his classroom setting. I was fortunate enough to obtain an interview next week for a LVN position in a pediatrician's office. I am very nervous (expected I'm sure), but part of me feels like it's been FOREVER since I've been in school, and was wondering what you think I might expect in a Peds office setting (I know there will be patient/parent education on the phone) and assessing/evaluating pt symptoms, etc. How much training should I "expect" to receive in this type of setting? They know I am a newbie, but any info./advice would be appreciated! (I am also going to ask my mother b/c she is a pediatric advice nurse and HER first job as a RN was in a pediatric facility right down the street from the one I'd be interviewing at.....ironic? haha) Anyways, thanks in advance!
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