laytex allergy & croup tent ?

  1. Hello All......

    Just a quick question for those of you who still use croup tents.....Are the croup tents themselves laytex free??? There are no lables either way and the packaging only says vinyl. We called the manufacturer and they were of course not there on a Sun.! Also called local hospitals and they either didn't know either or did not use croup tents.

    Problem being that we have an 8month old with latex allergy with RSV in a croup tent! states she devlops a rash when touched with laytex of any kind. We are concerned that she may be surrounded with the latex . if the tent is a latex product then we are thinking that is would cause more resp distress. I think it really would be based on how sensitive she is to the latex and if it would be possible to be airborne somehow from the tent. I know the powder in the latex gloves makes it airborne but what about just a croup tent??? We are really stumped and were both suprised that we have never come across this delima before.

    Thanks for the help!
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  3. by   MissJoRN
    hmmm... I'm pretty sure they are latex free but wouldn't assume that with out the OK from the manufacturer. They should have a rep on call, but I wouldn't know how to reach him- your purchaser should. I don't think we were ever prepared on peds to deal with a latex allergy properly but in the OR we keep binders with all of our latex free items listed, latex containing items listed, and contact info from suppliers, we have been able to reach them on weekends. I know this doesn't help now but make sure you have that contact info in the future!