Las Vegas Nurses!! Help!!

  1. Hi I am a New York State nursing student and I have some questions. I actually got my BA from another field at UNLV and I want to venture back out there after I get my RN. I would like to work at Sunrise Children's right out of school is this possible or will it be difficult? I would like to go back to UNLV for my Pediatric Nurse Practitioner so I would like to jump into peds right away. Do any of the hospitals offer tuition assistance? I also heard something about NY nurses getting paid more but I wasn't sure if it was true. Also in general what's the process like if after I finish my NY boards go to a LV hospital sit down with a recruiter or manager and set something up, will they take me on board fairly quickly or is it one of those thanks for your resume we'll give you a call? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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