Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I know that this may sound a little crazy of askin gthis onlne but i need help on my Sr. Class Project! I'm doing it on Pediatric nursing and I have come to a stand still in my progress. I am doing this as a last resort. If any body could help me please feel free to email me or write back on here! My email adress is Please help me.
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  3. by   lil_RN_2_be_03
    The things that I need most on this senior project is what do they incounter on a daily bases. How long they went to school (ADN, BSN,MSN). Did anybody take courses in H.S.? Did they go to a tech school? I need to know if there is a shortage of peds nurses in the area where you live? Whats the responisbilties for a peds nurse? Anything else you would like me to know please feel free to tell. But the main reason why I picked this to do my project on is because I want to be a Peds nurse. so please feel free to add any comments. Thank you and have a blessed day!!!
  4. by   nursiemitch
    Hey! how u doing with your assignment?
    I'm a paediatric nurse from new zealand, dont know if i can be of any help but feel free to pick my brain!
    Cheers, Anna:
  5. by   lil_RN_2_be_03
    Thank you for helping me!! I just need general info. Like the schooling. Did you go to any extra schooling or just a college? just stuff like that and is there a shortage ofnurses where you live at? But like i said just general info. Thanks for your time. You asked how my project was coming, its coming along. Slowly but surely.

  6. by   nursiemitch
    Hello Christian!
    Well, I am a bachelor degree which makes me a registered comprehensive nurse, and it took me three years of full time study before I became registered. You are able to do the degree over six years part time.
    I completed college, and then I studied at a polytechnic, and did my practicals in three of the hospitals in wellington. My practicals usually were three weeks each, and my last placement was for 7 weeks.
    Since graduation I enrolled in a post graduate course at a semirural hospital, and we had study days every fortnight, and we were orientated and worked in two areas.
    Since then i have enrolled in post graduate certificates in community child health and respiratory assessment.
    Where I work now we are well staffed, but there is a nationwide shortage of paed nurses, which means we are now orientating new graduates to our wards with retentionof staff in mind. we will also have problems this winter as six of out fulltime staff are going on maternity leave at the same time, so we will be down experienced staff for winter.
    My responsibilities at the moment are to treat and monitor children in my care. The principle to first do no harm comes to mind. Also I am involved in family centred care of the client and their families
    as of next week my responsibilities increase to that of a shift coordinator. then we are in charge of the day to day admission and discharge, the first point of contact for queries, and the one who reports to the clinical nurse leader.
    I love being a paeds nurse, it gives me a chance to experience a second childhood without having children of my own. I permanently carry bubbles in my pocket, and i carry vivid markers to draw faces on every surface imaginable. My ultimate aim for every shift is to lighten someones day with a smile and a laugh, and i dont mind whether it is a patient, family or another staff member. i believe in the principles of the gezhunteit institute, where the healing power of a smile or a laugh is as good as medications.
    Hope that helped! feel free to drop me a line if you need anything
    Good luck, adn yu'll make an awesome paed nurse!
    cheers, Anna
  7. by   lil_RN_2_be_03
    Thank you very much. I can use this on my resaerch paper. I appreciate. everything that you are doing to help me. well I'm goint to get started typing my research paper so if i need anythign else then i will ask you . thank you again.!