Do I have a chance in the pediatric unit with this resume?

  1. It's been a year since I graduated. And now I am finally in the process of applying for a job. I'm afraid that my lack of work experience will harm my chances of getting a job in the pediatric unit. I love kids and I can't see myself doing anything else. Please let me know what I need improve on my resume. Thank you


    Bilingual (English and Hmong) Registered Nurse with excellent people skills and dedicated work ethic. Great patient care skills with the good familiarity of the advanced technologies and medicines. Extensive experience with children and youth as a youth advisor. Self-assured, constructive attitude and quick decision maker.


    Bachelor of Arts, Registered Nursing, Minor: Asian Studies 2011
    St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN.

    Clinical practicum has included experience at Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Abbott Northwestern hospital, Steel County Public Health, Children's Hospital, and St. Francis hospital.


    Bilingual: Hmong and English.


    Personal Care Assistant, 2011-present
    Heritage Home Health Care, St. Paul, MN
    Assisted two patients with Muscular dystrophy (ages 5 & 15).
    Promote a safe environment, set-up meal, ensure proper positioning to promote food absorption and digestion, prevent aspiration, etc.

    Biology & College Prep Advisor summers 2010, 2011
    Trio Upward Bound, Northfield, MN
    Help supervised, coordinated academic activities, and over night college visit for grades 9-12.

    Certify Nursing Assistant 2009- 2010
    Northfield Retirement Community, Northfield, MN
    Assisted 6-8 patients; provided individualized interventions while encouraging patient's involvement in self-care, promoting independence, and maintaining dignity.


    Mentors, Trio Upward Bound, Northfield, MN 2009-2011
    Build a trusted relationship through letters and educational activities for two high school student to promote further education.
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    The fact is that most pediatric units are going to want a nurse with pediatric experience, or RN experience in general. That really applies to almost all RN positions that are posted right now.

    Try to highlight your pediatric experience as much as possible. I see that you worked with peds patients as a PCT, but that's not listed in your professional summary. Accentuate your pediatric clinical experience. What kind of unit did you work on? What procedures were you able to perform?

    Do you have any certifications? BLS or CPR or PALS? Those should be listed on your resume. Also, if you have an RN license you should specify that you have a license in a certain state and when you became licensed. Otherwise it might appear that you only have your degree, not a license yet.

    In the meantime, try to establish connections on a pediatric unit. If you know anyone that works in peds, talk to them about possible openings. Ask them to refer you to their nurse manager. Volunteer on a pediatric unit if you can. Look into temporary positions, like camps, that get you involved in peds.

    Any experience is better than no experience, so realize that your first nursing job may not be in peds. That's okay. Getting general experience will help you get hired in pediatrics in the future. Very few nurses get their dream job right out of school.