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  1. If lice weren't bad enough (as moms and nurses) -- the AAP has press release on its site saying that the pediculi and their eggs are no biggie and kids can go to school with them. Interesting timing just as Nile Virus gets press as blood-borne. Maybe they didn't take any history of medicine classes. Or maybe they've just got amnesia. We already know this one's transmitted by an insect. So much for prevention.
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    I was taught about lice by a professor from the School of Tropical Medicine in London. I remember his information very clearly and his love and obsession with lice. Wonderful man. I have used the following information without adverse sequelae over many years in many settings.

    I always understood that the egg like, oval, white objects very, very close to the scalp were live eggs, likely to develop into lice. The lice deposit these eggs as close to the scalp as they can for warmth.

    In contrast, the egg cases (which still look like viable eggs) are the white, oval objects found further away from the scalp as the hair has grown. These are empty and will not develop into anything. They look unsightly and can scare the uninformed, and that is why they are usually combed out.

    Live lice falling onto shoulders etc are sick themselves (lice easily get sick!) and are not a threat as they will soon die.

    I hope this helps.