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Hello!!! What a rollercoaster ride I have been on!!!! I am a recent RN grad, just moved 180 miles back to my home town with my great husband and two kids. I was all set to start in the NICU, until... Read More

  1. by   nursingstudent1
    Hello, I am new to this forum - but have a couple questions that can maybe be answered. I am a LVN currently working in an ER and will be graduating in May with my RN (once I pass boards!!!) I have ALWAYS wanted to do pedi hem/onc nursing but don't really know if there is any special training that has to be done before one is able to be hired. I have worked as a LVN in a ER for about a year, while I have been finishing my last year of nursing school. We do see pedi patients but mostly adults. I really want to go into pedi onc nursing, but just don't know where to start other than going to a peds hospital and applying. Does anyone have any suggestions/comments on this matter.
    After reading some of the posts I realize just how special you all are and what a wonderful impact you are making on these precious childrens and their families.
    Thank you for any info that is given.