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We have a new employee that has been working in a PICU/NICU setting at a larger facility. She cannot believe that we do not use burettes on pedis. We use the Abbott Plum Pump that should eliminate... Read More

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    Quote from nurseiam
    we used to not use burettes. then the unthinkable happened! a 24 weeker got an entire 500ml bag of ha! she was to have her cns us the next day. she ended up with multiple preemie problems but who knows how much it had to do with the ha.... i think they found the plum pump had malfunctioned. i felt sorry for the nurse, who was 35 weeks pregnant at the time.
    oh man!!! do you mean hyperalimentation (tpn)? and this was without a burette (in the nicu)? i've only floated to nicu, but i've seen a lot of syringe pumps there. we've even used them on general peds and onc, when the babies are infants.