adn-pediatric specialty?

  1. Hi, is there someone out there that can tell me if as an RN with an ADN degree I could possibly specialize as a peds nurse? Is there some where to get certification? Has anyone done this? Do you recieve more pay for the certification? Any information would be helpful, THANKS :kiss
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  3. by   ageless

    ANCC Makes Certification Available to All RNs

    The American Nurses Credentiality Center (ANCC) is an organization affiliated with the American Nurses Association. It is the largest certifying body for nurses in the United States, certifying more than 170,000 nurses in 30 specialty areas since 1990. In February 2000, the ANCC unveiled a new program called Open Door 2000 finally making certification accessible to all registered nurses. This program was developed in recognition of the need for quality indicators of competence in nursing practice. The goal of Open Door 2000 is to give all nurses the opportunity to be recognized in specialty practice and to pursue a credential.

    The new model offers examinations that lead to "certification" for associate degree and diploma prepared registered nurses and "board certification" for those nurses with baccalaureate and higher preparation.

    Similar to models of other professions, this new approach sets the tone for indicators of quality in nursing practice. At this time, five (5) certifications examinations are currently being offered to non-BSN prepared nurses (ADN/Diploma):

    Gerontological Nurse (09)
    Medical-Surgical Nurse (04)
    Psychiatric and Mental Health (03)
    Pediatric Nurse (07)
    Perinatal Nurse (17)

    To receive a catalog and application, contact the ANCC at 1-800-284-CERT.