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hi, i was wondering if anyone could help me out. i am in pediatric clinicals now and we are required to address one developmental nursing diagnosis with our clients. i am haveing no luck. my client is a 11 y/o male with a history of gi issues (reflux, hatal hernia) and resp issues (rsv, broncholitls). i know that he is in erikson's trust vs mistrust developmental stage. it is just hard to find a specific nanda diagnosis that this client fits in. can someone please inform me of the "steps" to take when developing a developmental care plan? i looked at risk for delayed development and delayed development and growth, but i can not seem to individualize these to my client... any feedback will be greatly appreciated!!

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Does he have a delay? Or could you use something that is appropriate for a kid who is "normal" developmentally ??

If there is no delay, you can't address one ;) If you are looking for an age/stage appropriate issue, are there teaching techniques you would choose over another d/t developmental stage?


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No, I didnt find a "delay" during my assessment. He was a premature infant (35 weeks). Another thing is that he cried the entire time during my interactions with him. His mother said that he didn't like the health care staff... so I thought that could fall under the "MISTRUST" section of Erikson. it was also hard to assess his milestone skills because all he would do was cry... And, not to be ugly, but the mom just sat in the room and didnt really assist while I was doing my assessment. Could that help to determine a developmental Diagnosis? The diagnosis just has to be related to the development...