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:uhoh21: The pediatric nurses I've been working with for the past year and a half have FINALLY decided to unite and make a stand for the poor staffing our hospital allows. We are a seventeen bed unit that is highly promoted in our area and generally have a ten to fifteen patient turnover through the day with out the assistance of a ward/unit clerk or nurse aid with only 2 LPN/LVNs and 1 RN. Most of our admissions are direct admits and our facility does not allow LPNs to do the assessment even if the RN agrees to sign behind them. I need help from other pediatric nurses in finding the information we need to take to our CEO and CNO. Currently, our department manager counts as a direct patient care nurse...this is a person we rarely , if ever, see on the unit. We are trying to present a much safer staffing matrix that focuses on pediatric units. ANY HELP YOU CAN OFFER WILL BE APPRICIATED. THANK YOU. :uhoh3:

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