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Hello everyone,

I just took the NCLEX yesterday and finished at 265 questions. I was there for the full 6 hours allowed. I ended my exam at 7pm and went home and checked pearson. I got the "good" pop up stating that I couldn't re-register because I had a exam already scheduled. I checked again this morning and it said the same. I am still very nervous because I don't feel this is concrete enough to get excited over and tell my family that i actually passed. Anyone else try this and succeeded? or failed? Please let me know. I feel so anxious until I can get a real answer from the boards. Thanks

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There are literally thousands of posts/responses on AllNurses about the accuracy of the PVT. You can use the search box in the top right of the page to read as many as you need to until you feel more confident. If you'd rather not tell anyone you passed until you get the official results, just wait. Anxiety is normal. Try to distract yourself and do something fun. Remember, nurses used to have to wait months before getting their exam results. You can hang on for a few more days.