Peak College - PSW Bridging program


Has anyone has any experience with Peak College in Toronto with the PSW bridging program? My wife has a bachelor of nursing in Philippines and wants to go back to school to achieve her RPN designation. They said that she can take this bridging program and then she will be able to take the RPN test from CNO. I am not totally believing what they are saying. Below is the link for the course,

Personal Support Worker Bridging | Peak College

If anyone can comment on these type of places or the type of course and what she can actually achieve from this course, please comment.

Also, yes I know that it would be better to go to an accredited college, but Peak college offers weekend and night study that the accredited colleges don't.


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Your wife should not listen to anything a private college has to say about PSW programs, or bridging programs for RPNs. The education pograms through Ontario private colleges are not recognized by the College of Nurses of Ontario (look at list of approved programs). Also nursing employers do not recognize private school courses as a valid education.

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There are IENs who work as health care aids in Ontario, they did not take a PSW program prior to being hired, their employers recognized that a nursing education surpasses a PSW education and there is no need to waste time and money on a PSW education. The only people who promote this career path to naive IENs are unscrupulous private career college staff and owners.


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ok so you think that taking a private college course would add no value to finding a job? She also thought that going to the school will bring her back up to speed as she has not worked in the field in over 5 years.