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Sorry to post another PDA question, but I am wondering if any UC students or grads can tell me if the program requires a specific OS. PDA is listed on the potential costs, but it doesn't specify Pocket PC or Palm.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the first!




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Hey Barb! How are you? I am great...I only have 2 1/2 more shifts until my retirement from ICU nursing Anyway, I e-mailed Wanda Wilson earlier this summer with the same question and she said it does not matter which program you go with b/c a PDA isn't actually required but most students use one. I can't decide whether I want to buy one now or wait until school starts and see what everyone else is using.



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I have a palm m130. I got it a couple of years ago and it still works fine. I also have a blank memory card for just in case. I dont think we'll need anything fancy in the way of a PDA, if one is needed at all. Right now i only have ePocrates on it. Who knows what other gems will be available to download once school starts. Supposedly, on UC's Blackboard, there are some links for free downloads. My question is that we need either a cell phone or pager via Verizon (cuz its compatable in UC's hospital). So what do I get? A phone or a pager?

Ami, expect a thorough glare from me at work. I have 3 more weeks +labor day.

See y'all 9/1 in wonderful exotic Cincinnati.

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