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I am considering getting a PDA for school but wanted to hear from some of you that have them. How useful are they? I don't want to plunk down a ton of money on something that I rarely use. I'm looking at the Palm TX. The specs say it has WiFi. Will I need to purchase a package that lets me check email or can I do that at say..Starbucks or Barnes and Noble the same as I can my laptop? My school has just updated their technology and they have wiFi available throughout the building but I hate dragging a big clunky laptop. If I could use my PDA for that, then it's worth the money. Opinions? Or if you know of another one with that kind of capability, that's good info to have too. Thanks!!

Never mind! I finally found the sticky for this subject!!

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Go to ebay and check every so often till you find a good deal. I got my TX with a 2gb sd card and the hard case for 135 shipped.

I'm actually on ebay as we speak. LOL

I can't decide between the Palm TX and the HP iPAQ. I found an iPAQ with 2g card for 180. I just don't want to commit to anything until I've researched.

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