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I would like to download a medical dictionary on my PDA. Can anyone recommend a program -preferably free???



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Haven't found a free one...

I have Taber's, Stedman's and Dorland's on my PDA. They were not free but the ARE worth EVERY dollar I paid for them.

You can go to Skyscape and get them.... Oh, check out the PDA Forum here on allnurses. You will find some great stuff.


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I researched all the threads here and the sites recommended and ended up choosing Skyscape for one of many programs I wanted. Here is the important thing...RIGHT NOW SKYSCAPE HAS A REALLY GOOD DEAL WHERE YOU GET ARCHIMEDES 360 FOR FREE WITH EVERY PURCHASE. This is invaluable if you ask me. At least check it out!!! You get another freebie to but I was not interested.

In case you are wondering I will be starting with Tabers as per alot of reccomendations.

Another site to check is PDA Cortex. I ended up prefering Skyscape, but the freebies helped!!!

Hope this helps. Give us a shout when you decide and let us know what you think.


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