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Hi all,

I'm looking for a program to keep track of cases and preferably certain skills as well.

Does anyone have any good suggestions. I'd prefer freeware, but I'd pay a few bucks for something that was good.

Thanks in advance.


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I don't remember which one I used while in school, but generally found it not to be worth the time. I think this was primarily true because the school did not use PDA's for tracking cases. So, I put the cases into the PDA, then still had to keep paper records to turn in.

Kevin McHugh


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Anesthesia Stat Tracker. $15.00 or so. I don't use it much as it is quicker to just get a patient lable and jot down a note or 2 about the case.


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There are (at least) two companies that will track your cases with web based software. They both have PDA support. They each have several anesthesia programs that use their service.

One is Medatrax, the other Typhon. I would imagine a search would lead you to their web sites.

I don't know if a SRNA can subscribe individually or not. It may be that your program has to participate.

loisane crna

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