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I’m a CNA/PCT with 19 years experience.  Just took 2 years off to do an unrelated music degree and now am back at work at our local hospital inpatient rehab.  My preference is critical care but rehab called first and I’m pretty happy as it lets me get back used to working the floor before I transfer somewhere else more mentally stressful.  (I got fat and squishy during my time off, LOL.)

I've been encouraged to get my RN but I just don’t want to.  But I would like to move up as much as I can as a tech.  I’m starting a PCT course in January which will enable me to get my national PCT cert as well as EKG and phlebotomy.  This should allow me to move up to a PCT II as the company that just bought our hospital does (not an option before).  I’m also going to test for the HUC (unit secretary) national certification.  Am I missing any other cents we can do?  I’m considering going for my EMT/Paramedic but am searching for whatever else is out there.  Thank you all for your help!!

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