PCNB-AC exam Retesting


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Hello all, 

Has anyone taken the PCNB-AC exam twice and failed twice? If so, have you done so recently and likewise encountered the retesting requirements of finding CEs in pediatric acute care and/or an acute review course that offers CEs before you can sit for a third attempt? I am having a tough time locating any review courses other than NAPNAP that are even remotely close to ACUTE care and offer CEs. So I guess its then a wild hunt for CEs related to ACUTE care PEDIATRICS. 

Years ago I finished my PNP-AC program in good standing. I took the exam very pregnant (just before my son was born) and failed. It was all a blur. I can't remember any of it, just how uncomfortable I felt trying to sit still and not get up to pee. 

Fast forward, I spent the last few months (here and there) making flashcards of all the acute care PCNB exam questions, Lipinncott, and NAPNAP review course questions. I tried as hard as I could to just drill questions over three months while working full time and taking care of my toddler. I went into the second exam attempt more confident and focused. 

Well turns out I got the exact same score as my miserable attempt years ago! I was in utter shock. I know I have always had trouble with standardized tests, but man, still. 

Now PCNB has changed their retesting policy and you have to do a lot of extra leg work before you can even begin to review content in a way that fits your learning needs.

Funny story, I am pregnant again and by the time I can retest I will be seven months along (and probably in just as uncomfortable of a spot as I was two years ago). With the new PCNB testing rules, I have until December 2024 to take my exam before the years and tens of thousands of dollars I spent on my DNP program are useless. 

What would you do? post pone the exam until next year? Give it a go pregnant and hope for the best? there is always another chance next year. but with a baby and toddler....

Times like this I wish I did PNP-PC or FNP.  Those exams have way more resources and appear to be much easier from people I know who have taken them. 

Specializes in Pediatric Acute Care. Has 8 years experience.

It appears that the CEs required to meet the re-testing requirement will cost more than $1000.