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PCL Nurse from Nepal visa screening


Has 10 years experience.

Hi there

I am stuck in a very confusing situation, I am a PCL Nurse from Nepal, did my CES ( where my high school requirements were checked and validated) from CGFNS for state of texas got approved of the requirements , gave my NCLEX and passed and issued a license, now while applying for Visa Screen they are saying my Secondary school certificate is missing they are asking for GED or high school certificate, but people who have done PCL know that the highest secondary school they attended is 10th Grade which is SLC(School leaving Certificate) before PCL,which I tried submitting but they updated my status as Requirement decicient what should I do? I tried telling them that the requirement for PCL is that we have to pass 10th Grade in Nepal, and if it was not enough why did they approved me for NCLEX during my CES?

Please help me this is a lot of stress and confusing, my employer has already filled I 140 and I have submitted all my certificates to CGFNS but they are still saying that the requirement is deficient.