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I took my first PCCN test today and failed. I got very close. I definitely retry to take it. but my professional caring and Ethical practice is less than 50%. Is anybody give me tips for this area? Thank you!

Hello, I passed m PCCN yesterday with a very good score and I thought about sharing with you the review material. I think the key to passing the test is doing lots of questions. So what I used for the exam was the PCCN review course from AACN (paid about 200$ for it), I also bought the progressive care nursing certification book by Ahrens, Prentice and Kleinpell. I think it was a good review book, however it had too many unnecessary details. I personally don't recommend starting by buying this book. If you have another review book, you can use the one you have. This book also comes with a CD that has 2 practice tests on it. I scored 68% and 66% on the tests. The test just shows you the right answer and doesn't include rationals for the incorrect ones. I don't remember the questions being similar to the PCCN test questions. The actual test doesn't ask you to memorize lab results and such. It's just whether the result is increased or decreased.

The other question book that I got and I highly recommend it for questions, is the Ace the PCCN you can do it by Nicole Kupchik ($40). That is a wonderful practice review book with amazing rationals. And the questions in this book are kind of similar to the test.

Now speaking about the test questions are very well worded, and make sense. I really enjoyed answering the questions on the test. some questions are direct questions, others require you to think a little. Not impossible to solve.

I also did the AACN SAE which I bought for $45. I scored 69% on it. The rationals were nice.

So basically I was scoring low on my practice tests but I had a really high score on the actual test and I was surprised. I knew I was well prepared for the test though.

Now the journey towards getting the PCCN was just amazing. I learned so many things and I am so grateful for the certification. I studied for about 2-3 months on and off. I encourage every progressive care unit nurse to consider taking the PCCN. The stuff that you learn is incredible and when you pass, it's just rewarding. Hard work paid off!!!

Congratulation! Thank you for sharing. I did it PCCN review cours, continue listening when I drive. I used ACE Nicole's question book(it is really good one), and AACN SAE. I am going to retest on January. I was digging study ethical, Cardiology and EKG read. Hopefully I will pass this time! Thank you!

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