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Im in Los ANgeles and going back into Hospice and Home Health Care as primarily an admissions visiting nurse going into homes, although I may do some case management as well for the hospice company.

Can you tell me; What are you getting paid as a home health admissions nurse in LA/CA and in other states?

And for case management Home health?

And how about for Visiting Hospice Admissions Nurse also for a private company going in to homes and nursing homes in LA/CA and in other states...

And how about for case management in hospice care?

And are you getting paid per visit or by hour... are you getting paid also the time you travel or just mileage?

This would be soooooooo helpful


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There's been 85 views and no replies... can anyone give me input, thanks

Hi... I'm only just now interviewing for a position as a hospice case manager RN, so haven't done the work...but...I can tell you the pay as I've seen advertised.

I am in Salt Lake City. Most hospices offering $35-$40 per visit. One hospital job was offering $36-$42. They tell me most visits are 45 minutes long. So if you are efficient, you are truly making the $35-$40/hr. Driving is reimbursed by most places at 41 cents per mile. That is actually more than you realize. It is more than you are actually spending on gas. I've not heard whether some are being paid for the "time" of travel....

Your documentation is done at the visit, if you are you won't have to spend anymore time on that.

I've interviewed with several companies that tell me admissions are $85 per visit. Once again, if you are slow, it can take 3 hours. A good time to shoot for is 1.5 hours...

Here in Salt Lake, the term "Case Management" is either used or not, but is still the same job. In other words, a case management RN is doing the same job as a Hospice RN. Some places here use the term, other's don't...but I've been told that the work is no different. You admit; you see the patient as their sole nurse until they die.

There is a distinction between On Call Hospice nurses though. The regular nurse doesnt have to be on call as there are nurses that do that job solely. At least that's what several companies here do.

California is a different bird as you guys have a high cost of living and tend to make astronomical pay rates, compared to the rest of us. The best thing for you to do is to go to Select your area in CA, then select Home Health nurse/case manager. They didn't have a Hospice designation for Salt Lake, but maybe they do for CA. Then see what the "free information on salary" is for your area.


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$27/hr in Louisiana.

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There's been 85 views and no replies... can anyone give me input, thanks

In the Los Angeles area the usual rate for RN Home Health to admit, discharge ,or recert a patient is about $100.00 a visit.

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