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going into the final 2 years of nursing (ADN)in Phoenix, and I am finding different pay scales from the newspaper and from some who are in the field as an ADN (hospital)- the range is from 12.00/hr to 25.00/ is not a major concern but would like to get an idea -at least to narrow the range so I can plan ahead. If anyone can give me an idea about starting hospital pay for days/evenings in Phoenix, I would appreciate it.


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The salary ranges you quoted are about right for AZ *especially PHX*. The wide range reflects the availability of benefits and years of experience. Some hospitals have in-house float pools. Some of them have different levels also, depending on their job descriptions and structure of flex staffing. A non-benefitted RN with 2-3 years experience can make $25.00 per hour if he/she is willing to be assigned to the float pool and float to various areas (usually specialty areas) on a daily basis. Generally, new grads opt for benefits and usually are assigned to an area for a period of time (usually 6-12 months)while they are being precepted, and throughout their probation. Therefore, they usually end up at the $12.00 per hour level. Hope this helps.

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