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Does anyone know or heard of the effects of Paxil CR on a pregnant woman?


Can't speak for Paxil CR, but there was a study done a couple of years ago that women who took Paxil may have babies who suffered resp. issues at birth requring NICU stays.

I would speak to my Ob/Gyn at about it.



Do you recall the study you mentioned in your post. We have seen similar effects with not only Paxil but other anti-depressants, Celexa comes to mind. Would love to read the study.

To the OP,

It is listed as Risk catagory B, so some research has been done. However, don't know the possible effects, would speak w/ an OB or CNM. I haven't seen anyone come into L/D using paxil in a while.


The Zoloft rep (of all people) gave it to me. It was NOT however done by Pfizer. This was done by a univeristy... the one escapes me.

With a little hunting I found these links which refrence the study.

Paxil 1

Paxil Study

Hopefully this helps.


Thank you both very much!


Thanks! I appreciate the links will print them out for work and fellow OB nurses. Especially like the first one.


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We have had several kids in the past year that had withdrawl from Paxil...they all had seizures and required intubation for a few days. Our neos said that there are no clear studies on how it affects the babies and if it will leave neuro problems. Just like adults, they withdrawl for it. I would never take it if I were pregnant, that is just my personal opinion.

Wow, now that is something I hadn't heard of, I know of no seizures w/ these kids, very interesting to know. Thanks for the post.

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