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Patient Supplies for Field RN/CMs

Was wondering how sophisticated other hospice companies are with patient supply orders (briefs, chux, wipes, etc).

How does the RN/CM/CNA order patient supplies? Email, turned in paperwork?

Is there an automatic ordering process (default selects for a given pt)?

Once ordered, how long to get the supplies filled? 1 or 2 Days?

Who or how is it delivered?

ErinS, BSN, RN

Specializes in Hospice.

At my hospice the CM or CNA or even social worker/md/chaplain call our dme (medical equipment) department and order the supplies over the phone. The person taking the order enters the order into the computer which then goes to the warehouse. Most orders are ready in 30 minutes. We try to hand deliver all orders because it is more cost effective, if there is not going to be another visit before the supplies are needed, than we have them sent ups. If the pt needs them same day we can have them delivered, but it is fairly expensive compared to shipping or clinician delivery-if another visit is already planned.

I could see phones working, especially for smaller agencies. That's great how quick the supplies are ready for pickup/delivery.

Sometimes you have supplies sent via United Parcel Service?

Wonder what that costs and how it compares to staff deliverying with a 50cent/mile reimbursement?

Our clinical office has 40 to 50 Rns and over 400 pts, supplies get bogged down, we hand deliver forms and then it can take up to 2.5 days for supplies to be ready for pickup. Our supply process is long overdue for an enema.

I was checking online, found HomeHealthDelivery.com, not sure how good their prices are compared to ours but free UPS delivery for orders over $40 - would be a cinch to satisfy.


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